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twenty years of film industry muscle

Film Construction is one of Australasia’s most creative and respected film production companies

with headquarters based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Widely regarded as a nurturing home for filmmaking talent, dozens of filmmakers have called it home. Todays roster is a film family of inventive film directors and producers.

As passionate filmmakers we are thriving in a new and exciting digital enviroment. With the explosive evolution of technology, we shoot in many formats, and for many different screens. Enjoying a new era of storytelling through moving images.


We work with advertising agencies, partner with offshore film companies, work directly with marketing and communications departments, as well as broadcasters. 

As experienced service providers you can be confident that you'll be filming in the right locations. Working with the best crews.  

And most importantly maximising your budget

for the very best onscreen result. 

All whilst enjoying the delicious food, wine, coffee and the friendly welcome

that New Zealand is renowned for. 

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