filming at our place

We've hosted scores of filmmakers and photographers from all over the world. Their fantastic experiences in Australia and New Zealand makes them return over and over. With expert local knowledge, a network of highly skilled crew and amazing location scouts we can ensure your production will run smoothly and will be a very positive experience. 

you're among friends

We're a busy production company ourselves, so we know what you need. Film Construction works with A-list crew. We have production muscle, and the financial reporting systems you need to guarantee success for your project. 

cross-season filming

The benefit of having the reverse season to Europe and North America means we can offer snow or blossoms when they are thin on the ground elsewhere. Fields of long wheat grass in February, golden leaves in April, snowy mountains June to September, blossoms in September and lush green grass October to January.  


Our cities have been the backdrop for stories set in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai and more. Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown offer a huge variety of locations within easy reach. And Australia's wonderful metropolitan cities are at arms reach from our place being only a short 3.5 hour flight away.


In New Zealand we have a a wonderful cross section of cultures and have a flourishing community of actors and models. We have great relationships with our top casting agents and you can be sure that you will find what you're looking for, whether it be a seasoned actor or the fresh face of

a future star. 


Just like our seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere, so is the side of the road we drive on. If your production involves driving scenes, permits are easily obtained to close roads and get you on the right side of the tracks so to speak.

exchange rate

Our exchange rate really does put a smile on a producers face. Here are some examples calculated at May 2020. 

NZD $100 = USD $61.04 .  NZD $100 = EUR $55.83 .  NZD $100 = GBP $49.77
NZD $100 = JPY $6578.93 .  NZD $100 = CAD $85.04 
For up-to-date exchange rates visit here

We can help organise temporary work visas for any offshore crew and cast. Most visa applications take around 3-5 working days to process. Agency and Clients do not require a working visa and can simply enter the country on a holiday visa.

happy taste buds

It's no exaggeration that New Zealand has a big rep for amazing food, wine and the very best coffee. We'll make sure that you get to sample some of the delights during your time at our place. Our on-set caterers are also expert foodies, keeping everyone at peak performance and on task during those long and demanding shoot days.

We'll be doing our utmost to make our

place feel like your place.

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