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We are seasoned practitioners and understand exactly what a brilliant production looks like. We’re passionate about the craft and take great satisfaction in supplying global filmmakers the very best experience. From the first conversation to wrapping a successful project.


We’re about positivity and professionalism. Delivering the very best our locations and highly skilled film community has to offer.

twenty years of film industry muscle

Film Construction is one of Australasia’s most creative and respected film production companies

with headquarters based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Widely regarded as a nurturing home for filmmaking talent, dozens of filmmakers have called it home. Todays roster is a film family of inventive film directors and producers.

As passionate filmmakers we are thriving in a new and exciting digital enviroment. With the explosive evolution of technology, we shoot in many formats, and for many different screens. Enjoying a new era of storytelling through moving images.


We work with advertising agencies, partner with offshore film companies, work directly with marketing and communications departments, as well as broadcasters. 

As experienced service providers you can be confident that you'll be filming in the right locations. Working with the best crews.  And most importantly maximising your budget for the very best onscreen result. 

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Director Representation United States


Deirdre Rymer Rivard +1 310-795-8173

Lisa Gimenez +1 619-838-8868


Jozsef Fityus

Executive Line Producer
Place Partner

Jozsef is one of New Zealand's most experienced 

producers. His range of work is diverse and comprehensive 

including award winning short films, tele movies, feature films, local TVC's and a huge clutch of International line productions. His vast knowledge of the local industry makes Jozsef one of the very best film fixers in New Zealand. You could not be in better hands when shooting at our place.

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Line Producer

Migiwa has been producing and 

promoting film in New Zealand for over 20 years. Developing & Producing feature films, documentaries and television.  Migiwa is best known for producing scores of Japanese Television Commercials here in New Zealand. Migiwa is the perfect balance of Knowledge, detail and hospitality, marrying Japenese culture with NZ production. 


Belinda Bradley

Executive Producer
Place Partner

Belinda is the curator of place. Executive producer/partner at Film Construction. With skills that encompass 

design, photography and Production. Place has been created to ensure your experience filming at our place is nothing short of fantastic. Sending you home with wonderful footage, new friends and the desire to return.


Perry Bradley

Place Partner

Founding Partner at Film Construction (est 1996), Perry has directed commercials all over the world and won dozens of craft awards. He understands the importance of working with highly skilled crew and suppliers while filming in other territories. Perry is well poised to govern the flow of international productions hosted by place. The sister branch of Film Construction.


Belinda Smith

Production Accountant

Like all the best film people they bring a wealth of diverse experience to the industry. Belinda's background in PR, travel, finance, marketing & administration is utilised brillantly when applied to production. She is the glue that holds us together. Nothing gets passed our lovely Be Smith, she keeps all the right things in their right  place.

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